Friday, November 02, 2012

A Happy Life

"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats, " written by Iris Murdoch in The Sea, The Sea.

I think that was my mother's philosophy.  We did have continuous small treats.  Maybe it is a Swedish thing--judging from the candy stores everywhere in Sweden.

I hope to stop the treats for awhile and get back to my goal of losing some weight before my 80th birthday.  I was doing so well and then I went to Utah and I have been enjoying a lot of treats.

Since Carole brought us the carmel apple, I have had several, there, and then here.  It used to be so time consuming unwrapping all those Kraft Carmels but now they have a little plastic bowl that you melt in the microwave and just roll the apples in it--and the perfect taste..and the apples are so much better than the ones they use at Kneaders or anywhere.  My preference is the Fuji.

Another unedible treat is my Bubble Bath while listening to my favorite music--Vic Damone, Chris Botti, Sting and others and then dancing around in my red nightgown before settling down to a good book or good TV--that is my Friday date with myself.   Life for the old widows of the world.

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