Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shades of WWII Fears

I now know for sure I could never be a spy, I am too wimpy, fearful and have no guile.  I thought I would enjoy watching "Wish Me Luck" which is a British series on the British spies who were in Occupied France during WW II.  It specifically follows two young women as they sign up, are trained and then actually in France amongst the Nazis.

Today I had to stop watching, I am just too tense and frightened for them when the Nazis come around.  I did have terrible nightmares about the Nazis when I was in grade school.  We would see the newsreels at the weekend movies so we did have visuals of them in our minds and I probably saw movies with them portrayed as mean and evil.  At any rate I just am too nervous and worried as I watch so I had to go on to a love movie and probably will not go back to the series.

What better choice than a Betty Davis movie.  Oh, what good movies she made.  Today's film was "A Stolen Life".  Naturally I couldn't remember any of the story line but she has a twin who steals her boyfriend (young Glenn Ford) and of course, marries him and is not a good wife to him as she is the evil twin.  It was so enjoyable to watch I will have to find another one and stay away from the Nazi films. 

I don't know if watching the news is much better than watching the Nazis.  There is so much happening right now and none of it is good except I have heard a few Senators who are speaking out and finally making some good sense.  I realized again today why I never watch the View.  I saw a clip on the internet of them being so rude to Ann Coulter.  They invite her on the show, do not read her book, and immediately begin attacking her.   Ann Coulter does a lot of research, takes the time to write a book of her research and they just wing their opinions out at her.  Very strange I think and Elizabeth is the only one who has an opinion I respect anyway.  We really are a divided country.

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