Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Memory

In 1978, prior to the terrible 80's, happier times.  Richard passed on November 27 at 2:20 AM and I have missed him so much and I am so sorry he missed knowing his grandchildren and great grandchildren.  He would have been very bored in Lake Almanor though, not his style.

Today I stocked up prior to the storms we are supposed to be getting.  I treated myself to the Pumpkin Shake I have loved ever since discovering them in Galveston after Hurricane Rita  and Katrina--will ever remind me of that lovely place or what was a lovely place.

I was so exhausted when I returned I didn't even put the groceries away and immediately fell to sleep.  When Maria called at 5:30 I had just awaken and thought it was 5:30 in the morning and wondered why on earth she was calling so early.

I believe that Mitch is right and what I thought were spider bites and  aches and pains from being on my feet so much over the holiday is Shingles...Yikes, I wonder how long this will go on, I have read from 2 to 4 weeks!!!!  Better get back to sleep with my heating pad.  Somehow it is a comfort.

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