Thursday, March 21, 2013

A New HIgh...or Should I Say Low

Earlier this week I lost 4 important things within two days, an 18 karet gold earring, my watch, my phone and my glasses.

I eventually found my glasses and phone, the earring is gone forever, I suppose, and I am hoping still to find my watch when I pack to go home.

Today Linda and I saw "Quartet", a very charming movie.  But I was reminded of how old I am and of all my frailties.  They kept saying that 'old age is not for sissies' and that is so true.  I hated seeing myself as I look, It was a movie of old people with wrinkles and all.  Some grow old more graceful than others, but none escape totally the pitfalls of old age.

I just finished another British series on Netflix.  It was "Call the Midwife" and was about young midwives serving the East End of London which was a tenement section.  It was very well done as all the Brit series are, enjoyed it very much and learned quite a little as well.  I was so fortunate to be raised in a clean home and have a lovely home always for my own family.  It was interesting how happy people can be if they want to, no matter what their circumstance though.  I was particularly impressed by the midwives themselves.  This was a true story based on the memoirs of a real midwife.  Britain has health care for everyone and this midwife thing is a part of that.  They lived and served with a home of Nuns.

I also watched anothe picture from WWII and it was in Poland when the Germans were getting rid of the Jews, supposedly a true story called "Spring 41".  So sad.  How fortunate to be in America during WWII, so sad to see what is happening to America and how times have changed since the Happy Days of the 50s.  With all the technology so much of happiness from a simple life has been lost.  Today I was reminded of all the home made bread we had with butter and home made jelly or jam and always lots of cold milk and cinnamon rolls on Saturday.  Simple pleasures.  And fresh lettuce from the garden with sugar sprinkled on and then rolled or rhubarb and salt.  Cooked spinach with hard boiled eggs, rice pudding, tapioca, frosted graham crackers. I think the only thing my mother made I didn't like was liver and onions and cooked cereal. 

What was probably nicest is that we all walked to school together and played after school together and not a lot of cars and traffic to hinder our ways.  What a lot of freedom we had and how many activities and things to tv, no computers, no telephones, only radio when sitting in the living room or if you were lucky by your bedside. 

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