Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winds of Destruction

Today a Rich Hardy (no relation) gave a very good talk in Grossmont Ward.  It was about the Cedar Fire on the outskirts of San Diego in 2003.

He told how he and several of his friends and ward members were playing golf in Ramona a the Santee Stake Golf Tournament.  At the same time a hunter in a nearby wilderness area had become disoriented and lost and decided to set a small fire as a small signal to help find him.

While they were driving down from Ramona late that Saturday afternoon they were already being surrounded by ominous fire.  The dangerous Santa Ana winds had picked up the fire and begun a treacherous march in all the area bordering east San Diego.  Many people went to bed that night not realizing the threat that was upon them.  One man in the early morning hours in Lakeside was on his radio phone and became aware of what was to come and quickly awoke the neighborhood and told everyone to evacuate.  Many lives were saved because of his alertness.  Alas, his own home burned to the ground. 

Before the fury of the fire was finished and the winds of destruction had settled down over 100,000 acres had been burned, thousands of homes damaged or burned to the ground, hundreds of wildlife burned to death and 14 people had been killed.  He likened those winds of destruction to Satan waiting to fan the flames of our bad decisions or misguided thoughts to lead us to our own destruction.  He emphasized how Satan has no power of us unless we invite him in but once the invitation is there he uses his power to destroy us and our faith.

Bro Hardy talked about how just as we are to make defensible safe space around our homes to protect them from fires of destruction we need to build defensible space around our Spiritual Mansions as well to protect from the powers of Satan.  He used the word PRAYERS to help us remember seven habits which will protect our Spiritual Mansions from the winds of Satan's destruction.

Pray daily by ourselves and with our family.  Keep the communication open with the Lord always trusting in Him and in his love for us.

Read daily from the scriptures or modern revelations and be guided by our Prophets and words from the Lord.  Refrain from letting trash into our minds.

Yearn to live the Commandments of the Lord and to know and understand the Gospel of the Lord and His teachings.

Engage in the work of the Lord by accepting callings and performing them to the best of our ability, always being in the Service of the Lord.

Return to the Lord a full tithe.  Tithing has been termed Fire Insurance for us as the promise is those who pay tithe will not be burned in the destruction of the earth.  Be honest in paying a full tithing to the Lord and reap the blessings of obedience.

Stand as a Witness for Jesus Christ and His Gospel and always be ready to defend his teachings and mission and speak up for Christ and his Church.

It was a good analogy and very well done.  Wish I could remember the A--I am sure Linda or Gary will remember!

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