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Friday, March 08, 2013

My Bucket List

At my 80th Birthday Party written suggestions were given to me for my 'bucket list'.   Several of them I have done all ready as in:
  • Get a new Dog--Sadie
  • Live in a Cabin by the Lake--15 years now
  • Go on a date--tried that a few times
  • Visit the Watt's Tower
  • Flirt with two boys in one night--well they were a little older than boys
  • Make-out--ha ha, believe it
  • Visit the White House--I think we did that on our Washington trip, can't remember
  • Whale Watching--been there, done that, more than once.  Well worth it.
  • Get your Handwriting Analyzed
  • Just take a Day off--that IS my life now
  • Take Subaru Offroading--Marjorie and I tried that with the Outback-almost got lost and we realized no one knew where we were
  • Play Hard to Get--from whom???
  • Go to Muscle Beach--Went there when I was young, single, and pretty.  Neat!
  • Sing Karoke--Did that in '98, Did the song 'Crazy'
A few of them I would not do even if I was able:
  • Wear a bikini--you would not want to see that, trust me
  • Do a 5K--Ha
  • One Night Stand--with whom????  And I could not stay awake...
  • Go Shopping on Rodeo Drive--Rodeo Drive is for Size 2 people
  • Join a Motorcycle Club--I hate motorcycling
  • Go Sky Diving--could care less about that--I already went up in a Balloon, now that was really fun, for our Wedding Anniversary, thanks to our children
  • Earn some Beads at Mardi Gras????  What is that about?
  • Leave money to Linda's family--sorry I am spending it all...
  • Learn how to Arc Weld Iron???? Why?
  • Have a Late Baby--Ha, I have trouble just taking care of me and Sadie
  • Curse Just Because--Something my lips just can't do for some reason
  • Go on a Mission--I was working till I was 78, too late now.
  • Be in a Flash Mob in Hollywood--I doubt I could follow directions
  • Go to Thailand Beach for 3 months--if I was 40 years younger maybe
Some I would like to do:
  • Go Stand Up Paddling with John and Maria--when it is warm
  • Ride an Elephant
  • Try Caramels from all over the world
  • Cruise to Alaska!
  • Read 80 Books in 80 Days--Now that is a challenge!
  • Take a Cruise Around the World--Cruises Rock!
  • Vist Great Grandkids in Las Vegas--that would be fun...
  • Night a Disneyland Hotel--though not sure why...
  • Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge--yes, would like to visit San Franciso again
  • Read 50 Shades of Grey--who is going to loan me the book?
  • Climb Mt Lassen--well part of it anyway
That soungs like plenty to work on...

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  1. I would love to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, too! And someday when I can afford it, go on a cruise.