Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Only Love You Can Buy

A friend recently told me that the "a puppy is the only love you can buy".  What a lovely thought and it is so true.  Sadie loves everybody and when I sit at the computer she gives me big wet kisses on my neck and she snuggles close when we sleep.  Of course, she also likes to escape me and the leash and run free whenever she can..

She is learning to love to sit in the sun on the deck.  She is frustrated by the no grass anywhere to do her wee and pooh, though and she misses running around in circles like she did at Linda's house.

One big advantage to her habitat here is that there are lots of sticks and does she love twigs and sticks.

Except for being frightened when the leash handle chased after her on the road (after I dropped it) she appears to really like it up here.  Soon I will take her to Maryanne's for a playdate so she can tussle with other doggies.

She really liked Mike and I am so glad I will not be alone--now that Mike is leaving!

Melissa and I drove to Chico on Sunday the 24th and had an easy trip.  Melissa is a wonderful traveling companion.  Very competent driver and most interesting conversationalist.  It was a great trip both ways and we loved the new car to drive in.  We arrived in Chico in time for me to go home to Lake Almanor.  Mike was packing and said he was leaving that night to visit his friends for a last time before driving East to Chicago and then his grandparents in Michigan and then on to Baltimore.  I never thought he would make it but he was out of the door by 8:30 pm.

I spent four days reorganizing, unpacking, cleaning etc etc.  The boys had done a nice job of cleaning out my freezer, cupboards and fridge.  Mike said they threw away all dated thing and ate the good stuff..  Saved me a having to do it and I just had to put things back the way I wanted.  I love being home  though I am really going to miss all the good food that Linda and Gary prepare and seeing all the grandchildren and lunching and going to movies with my daughters and visiting with my son and his family---nice options though, there in the winter, here in the spring, fall and summer!!!!! 

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