Monday, March 18, 2013


Netflix continues to entertain me.  I just watched a corny movie 'Lucy Gallant' from the late 40's or early 50's when Charlton Heston wore his pants too high and Hollywood did not know how to do hair.  But they surely had high fashion then.  Loved the clothes.  The story line was pretty corny, too. with the "women need to stay at home", blah, blah, blah   Of, course, it wouldn't have looked corny to me then.  Time has changed us all.

A very interesting movie was "The Proposition" about a time before artificial insemination and a woman who wanted her own baby and her rich husband was sterile.  Quite a mixed up story but well done.  The star was the Grayson beauty on "Revenge".  Loved the clothes in this movie, too, especially the nightgowns.

Netflix continues to be what keeps me awake at night.

I spent the afternoon delving into the new Family Search and it is amazing  what you can do on the internet and the records you can find.  I looked at the 1940 Census when we were living on Hughes Street in Glendive.  I was in first grade and we moved that summer to the house on the Heights.  You can actually save the copy of the document in your own Document Folder in Family Tree.

Sadie was a real scamp today.  I need to get her more tired with more exercise and running!!!!

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