Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mike is On His Way

One of Mike's friends had to travel to a funeral so Mike's Sacramento trip was cut short and he came back to pick up some papers and spend a few more days.  We had our Easter dinner on Saturday night.  I tried out a chuck roast in my new Dutch Oven and I liked it really well.  Very tender and delicious.  I also tried cooking my spinach in the rice steamer and loved that--I am not putting it away.
We had my favorite Waldorf Salad and Strawberries and Cream over homemade Sponge Cake.  The only thing that came out of a package was the Rhodes rolls and they were really good, much better than at Christmas.

Mike solved my printing and tv problems and is on his way.  Who is going to be my new guru?????  Sadie can't do it.

Matt willl be here tomorrow and help with organizing the garage and cleaning the winter debris from the yard.  He has already cleaned the roof, chopped the wood and repaired the deck.  What wonderful grandsons I have.  I will miss them all.

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