Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sadie, Sadie, What Can I say?

Aha, so I am sitting with my ear plugs from my lap top and no sound is coming out.  On closer inspection I see little cuts in the wires...there can be only one explanation, Sadie has left her teething trademarks.

And just a few minutes before I was thinking about the Bumper Sticker I saw which was a Paw with a phrase written across it "Who Rescued Who?" and thinking how much I would love to find a sticker like that for my car because it is so true--she rescued me from  my loneliness--so comfy having that warm love to snuggle.

Still, Sadie, Sadie, I wish you hadn't ruined my ear plugs, and my sandals,,,and and I know there will be more, we must try harder to keep those teeth where they belong.

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