Sunday, June 23, 2013

All By Myself but Much to Be Happy About

Things I am thankful for today:

That I learned to sew when I was young--
    I ordered a Ralph Lauren tiered skirt and it was oceans too wide and oceans too long--it was a big job but I fixed it and even put a zipper in it...yes, I had to undo two of the tiers and redo them...I appreciated how much I paid for it when I realized all the work that went in to it.

Burt Bacharach and his great talent--love his music--
     I saved a PBS special and love to replay his music, I wish some new artists would do it all again.

Trumpet, love, love it, have mostly Chris Botti now, but also some Harry James and
     Herb Alpert, why do some people have multiple talents in music and others of us have none?

That I have the time to take a candlelight bath every night--
      And that I can still climb in and out without any difficulty!

That I have a big fan over my bed, that is very quiet, too--
      Over my adjustable bed, which I love also, it is over 40 years old!!

That my music player has a timer button so it turns off by itself--
       Just wish I fell asleep easier.

That I am still in my home after 14 years!!!
       That is the longest I have lived in any home except our La Jolla casa.

That I am still healthy enough to keep going all day and that I enjoy all my projects--
       Still have much to do before I die.   Made bread, sewed my skirt, watered the yard, cleaned the house, washed clothes, cleaned the fridge and walked Sadie, today.

That I learned about Jergens Face Cream--   
        Works better than expensive ones I have used.

That I enjoy Christmas music all year long-- 
          And that I still have my old favorites like Vic Damone in my collection.

That BYU and Mormon Channel have so many interesting programs on Roku--
          And that I have Roku on both TVs!

That it is summertime and this week I will start noodling at the lake--

Better go to bed--Celine Dion--is singing my life-- "ALL BY MYSELF"--
           I guess a few more phone calls in my life (besides solicitors) would be nice.

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The Massey Family said...

Love this! Can't wait to visit in a few weeks and breathe in that fresh mountain air!

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