Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sadie did it now.  No more free running.  Two ladies walked her from their houses and said she had almost gotten hit.  She has now left the inner lots and ventured out to the road.  Where can I take her so she gets some running???  Hmmm.  Sad she did love to run so much. 

I have been putting molasses in my bread, so good, I am eating too much bread now.  Finally have developed a good chocolate chip gluten free cookie, too.  I have too many cookies in my freezer!!  More fun to cook than clean house or anything like that.  We had about 3 days of drizzly rain so I was
inside a lot.

This month I only had to buy gas once!  Says what kind of a life I lead.

James and Linda both had birthdays this week as did my brother Dave and I did not send cards!!!  I did the Blue Mountain thing though.  Anyway I do love them wished them all Happy Birthdays.

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