Friday, June 07, 2013

Here's to Non-Bloomers Everywhere...Green is Good, I Guess

OK, so I never brought in top soil and I have a lot of shade, but can't Mother Nature have mercy and let some things bloom?

Lilac bush has never bloomed.

Looks like Iris will have one bloomer this year, yea.

Bandido's resting place may bloom, can't tell, yet.

Laurie's garden has one little bloom.

Amazing, the rhododendrons are blooming, what did I do right?
Poor little Blue Spruce, the Bambi's munch on all the new growth on the bottom... I must spray...

And finally the guest room gets a new, high mattress and new comfty.

And another earthquake last night, but only a 3.07, is my little paradise being threathened???

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