Wednesday, June 05, 2013

TCM Makes Me Cry Today and Laugh Yesterday

I enjoy watching some of the TCM movies I was too young for when they were made.  Today was one of the saddest movies I have  ever seen...sad like 'Anna Karenina'.  It was 'Waterloo Bridge' set during WW I.  It was also the favorite movie that Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor had ever starred in, and the year before Viven Leigh had been in 'Gone With The Wind'--so you know the movie must be good.  Evidently the 1940 version was a remake of the 1931 version but they had to change the storyline somewhat because the 1931 movie would not have passed the current rating code.

Yesterday I watched a really fun movie about real history which I had never heard before.  It was made in 1944 and the money from it sustained the Hollywood Canteen which ran from 1943 until the day after V Day.  It is called 'Hollywood Canteen' and is the story of how it came about.  Movie star John Garfield suggested in 1942 they should have it for the soldiers and Bette Davis took off with the idea and made it happen by recruiting Jules Stiles and his wife.  The Hollywood people paid for everything to have it done or raised the necessary money and donated their time and talent.  It was a movie filled with movie stars sharing their talent at the Canteen---excellent watching and a great story to look up on Google.  Why had I never heard this????

Later I watched another sad movie on Netflix.  'The Other Woman'--Good Grief, what a tale of woe and mean people--at least it had a happy ending.

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