Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Need a Pix to Believe!!

This is as good as it gets for these rhododendrons, I can't believe they finally produced such beautiful blooms after so many years but the stems hardly have any leaves anymore--what is that about???

On the other hand, the wild daisies are not only late this year but they are very sparse.

I love, love my leaf blower.  How quickly I can clean the decks, rock patio and driveway after a storm like we had and today I even used it to blow all those little tiny spring droppings into a pile.  Wow, cuts yard work time totally.  Which is a good thing, because I just am so fatigued all the time.

I made some delicious gluten free cookies with raisens in them!  And did  a lot of paper work but other than that I am too tired to do much.  However, have been enjoying Eleanor Parker month on TCM--today the movie was "Chain Lightening" with Humphrey Bogart and it was one of the better ones with him.  She is so beautiful, I must read why she didn't stay in movies longer.  Evidently she was married 4 times and had 4 children.

I have really been enjoying the "Longmire" series on Netflix.  It is about a sheriff in Wyoming--very different, very well done.  I took a two hour nap yesterday so couldn't sleep last night and watched about 4 episodes and then slept in.  Retirement is great.  SBA sent me a check for $431.15 with no explanation!!!--Just deposited it in my back.  Since I officially retired in April, it must have been some left over vacation days or something.  Hope it wasn't a mistake because it is getting spent.

Sadie is so proud of herself.  I have been letting her have the freedom the Bruce has when he is here and she has been doing so well.  Sometimes she will roam but she always comes back and sometimes she just sits in the sun like Bruce.  Today she had a lot of running to get out of her.  That is so strange the way she needs to run so fast for so long.  Wonder what that means????

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