Friday, June 07, 2013

This and That

Early this morning there was a huge black bird and several smaller birds having a frenzy at the back of my lot and then the big (huge like an eagle, only not) grabbed his prize and flew up and away.  The smaller birds scolded and flew the other way.

I wondered why there have not been many squirrels this year.  Is that what has happened to them?  There have been these huge birds soaring around, is that what they eat?

Yesterday a Bambi was trying to get close in the back yard--there are lots of yummy things right now but I have been trying to keep the deer away with spray repellent.  This time I just paraded Sadie out there and the Bambi ran away as fast as she could, but I know I must be very watchful right now as the lilies begin to bloom.

Margot sent me this huge (862 pages) paperback "New York" which is three centuries of the city's history with a story woven in.  Love historical novels, it is already a very fun read...thanks to Margot.

Last Sunday when I tried to dress for Church I found so many things that did not fit right that I pulled them all out when I came home--anything that was not ready wearable.  This week I have been working through that three foot pile and am down to the bottom layer.  I have shortened, sewn on buttons, ironed, hemmed, TAKEN IN!, and discarded.  Only two skirts I had to set aside because my waist is still too big.  How am I ever going to get rid of this waistline?  My brother says it is the flesh from our bum which has settled around the middle--I have no clue.  It began to appear after surgery--from lack of walking I think.  Also I am shorter so I suppose the flesh has to go someplace.

Dr. Hemp's office called--they want to check my carotid arteries again--she said it should be done once a year now, but it will have to wait till I go back to San Diego after Christmas (if I am still alive, that is)--last year when they did it, they said it was not any worse than when I had the surgery done in 2010. 

The diet to lower my blood pressure is going well.  I have more energy, yea!!  It is very low in fat and sugar, of course, and very high in grains, fruit and vegetables.

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