Monday, June 10, 2013

Where's the Bark?

Sadie, Sadie, funny lady.  She just won't bark, why won't she bark and try and communicate with me?  She will whimper, sometimes, but not bark.  Like today, I forgot that I had let her out on her own for a bit and I shut the patio door and then proceeded to do some baking.  Eventually I realize she is not in the house and it is raining hard by now.  She is not standing by the back door, she is not barking, she is not in the back yard.  Where can she be?

I finally open the front door and there she is patiently waiting for me to let her in.  Why didn't she bark and let me know she was there?  I have only heard her bark a few times, like once at a deer when she was frightened,  She was put into foster care away from her mommy when she was just born, why did she never learn to communicate by barking?  Very strange.  When I would occasionally forget Bandido and leave him outside too long, he would run wildly around the room all the time scolding me with his bark, there was no mistaking what he was telling me.

It was a lovely rain today and quite a surprise.  Yesterday the temp was up to 95--it has never been that high in the whole 13 years I have been here.  That was very strange.  Anyway I love to hear the big thunder and they was a warning about lightening fires but so far, so good.

Every time I use that term, 'so far, so good'  I am reminded of that little girl who called 911 when her Daddy had a heart attack or something and the telephone lady was telling her what to do and asking her questions while the paramedics were enroute.  She was asked a question about the status of her Dad and she said, "So far, so good"--it sounded so strange coming out of that little girl, she must have heard her Mom say it many times.

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