Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Good Day--I Get My Hair Cut

Another beautiful morning in Lake Almanor.  I am anxiously awaiting the blossoming of the blooms on the crab apple tree.  It is so skinny, not enough sun, not good earth, but the few blossoms are a gorgeous hue.  I see about six bloomed, should be fully out by tomorrow.

Had another wonderfully restful night on my new mattress.  So love it.  Just as I was settling in for a night of TV, Deloris, a friend from high school called.  She lives in Salinas and her husband died a couple? years ago.  It was so fun to have someone to chat with.  We talked for about an hour.  I do miss having friends to talk with.  She was telling me about Betty B's home on the coast of Washington.  Her husband has a crow's nest as his office as they are right on the ocean.  Evidently it is a really lovely home but too large to keep up in old age.  It is funny how high school and high school friends seem so " just yesterday".  Pictured below is Deloris, her sister Audrey, and Deloris's husband George (passed away).  In dated picture Deloris is third from right.  Called 'Sieve'.

Matt called to say he may be coming up and bring the chain saw.  It would be so good to get rid of my large pile of huge branches.

Had a couple calls with Kristi this week.  She is doing Family Search with the family and then she had Brynn call and say thank you for the birthday card.  Love keeping up on the pix of her family.  She is the only one I got pix from Frenchie's funeral and a very nice report.  I will post some of them as a memory.  She gave a beautiful message of love.

Better get dressed, today I get my hair cut, amazing how quickly the month goes by and I look really shaggy.

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