Thursday, April 09, 2015

Glendive Football Field

The new Dawson County High School football field which cost 1.3 million was featured in USA Today.  It was funded by the nephew of Carole's friend Carole Oakland.  The Oaklands own a farm on the east side of Glendive, close to the North Dakota border and evidently make millions by allowing the ND Oil companies to bury toxic waste on their land. 
The city needed to upgrade the track if they were going to host a special state track meet and the Oaklands volunteered to get it all ready and indeed they did.  It is beautiful.
I have many happy memories of that place.  It is just a block from my home in Glendive.  Carole said they do not have champion football teams like they did when I was in high school.  Coach Forest Wilson had Championship teams for many years.

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