Sunday, April 05, 2015

Melissa turns 26?

Happy Birthday to Melissa on April 4th, 26???!!!  I missed it in here but sent her a birthday card!

Melissa is loving her new job at the Community college near her house.  She goes to work at 7:30 and is finished by 4:30 and knows exactly what her job is and works with lots of people and busy all the day.  So happy she is not working at home anymore!!!

She also thinks Asheville is such a great place to live, very much alive with lots of eating places and activities going on...and so beautiful.   So happy she is happy there!

Melissa is always fun to talk to and just calls to chat.  I was just looking on Instagram at her crazy cat making noises on the mirror with his paws while standing up like a person and I was laughing when she called, I told her that I think her cat needs something, not sure what, so funny.  Evidently it is his way of trying to get her attention?

She is also my go-to person for questions about my music, my computer, all that techy stuff she knows so well.

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