Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cancer in the Family

Mitch called and will be on his way here after roundabout visiting of friends and stay here until he goes back down to Fresno area and the job place he was last year.  He will have his truck with him so we plan to get lots of cleaning up of the bags of trash and  of the garage done!!  Yea!!
I have always wondered if there was cancer in the family, seems like that is what Erica had possibly but today I found breast cancer which I had not heard of before.  My grandfather's sister Annette Sophie died of carcinoma of the right breast.  She was 56.  Her sister Alfreda Charlotte died at 39 of pneumonia.  However, in reading Alfreda's history in Family Search I found she had had a history of a heart condition.  I was surprised she was so young when she died but in reading her history she appeared to be an amazingly accomplished person.
I also read an additional note today.  Parley Williams, the brother that missed out when all the switching occurred with Freda, Mary Jane and the three Williams brothers ended up living about 25 years longer than his two married brothers Ezra and Joseph.  Joseph was married to Alreda and Ezra was married to Carl's younger sister Hilda. (Carl is the father of Alfreda and Annette).  Parley was reportedly in love with Alfreda and never married.  He is the one that was traded off to Mary Jane and then Mary Jane married Martin (my grandfather and brother of Annette and Alfreda). 
The story of how the Williams brothers did so well is also told in the history of Alfreda in Family Search.

Alfreda Charlotte:

Annette Sophie--called Nettie

In another history I read that Nettie married Warren Lindsay after breaking it off with another suiter.  Warren was a widower with six children.  The children of Alfreda reported that Nettie was so helpful after Alfreda died and she invited them over a lot for dinner as well as came to the home to help them.
This is the wedding picture of Joseph Williams and Alfreda Charlotte recently put on Family Search by Elisabeth Hovey.  It was reported the three brothers all shared one suit until Hilda who married Ezra said he needed a suit of his own and made him a fine one.
Wedding picture of Martin and Mary Jane.  Looks like he has his own suit.

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