Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Good, The Not So Good

Since I am working on my computer I can see whatever is happening in my backyard--today it was deer, about 15 at different times throughout the day.  I yell, "Sadie", and we run out the door and she chases them all away.  There was one today, though, who did not want to budge so I ran further out... I am not sure whether she would have butted Sadie or not, but I was not taking any chances.

Before I do more catch ups...I am just going to comment on what is going on with me.  For one I am sleeping so well and taking naps and I feel 100% better in that arena.   Who knew a mattress could make such a difference in your life.  Sadie and I both love our bed now.

Why do old people spend so much time talking about how they feel?  Because it is a big deal, you can't take your body, mind and soul for granted anymore.  They are either working right or they are not.

Walking, I need to do more, but it hurts, so I do less, and then I get further out of shape, it is so frustrating, and dancing, I try for a few minutes, but cannot last long--at least I keep up the yard work, a little at a time.

Today I had one of the worst "get rid of everything in her body" days I have had in a while.  So what did I eat I shouldn't, all was going well  for about four days, eating pretty much the same thing until I introduced red beets and lemonade with high fructose corn syrup...is that what did it, one of those, come to think of it I had had the lemonade for 3 days with no problem so was it the beets????  Or was it "you have had too many peanut butter cookies over the last week?" or or was it one too many egg salad sandwiches or too much popcorn???

Two times in the last year I have had a perfectly happy stomach.  The first time was when I got rid of the seven no nos, according to the Virgin Diet.  No sugar, soy, eggs, peanuts, corn, dairy, gluten.  I felt great and then added back the eggs, dairy and eventually occasional peanuts and a little corn.

Then I got rid of all most all carbs and definitely all sugar for six weeks and I definitely felt great on that...no indigestion problems.  The problem is, it was boring and I wanted sandwiches and occasional pancakes and over Easter...sugar  oh, and I added back popcorn because I found that great popcorn popper...

So, the popper goes back out into the garage, no drinks with high fructose corn syrup, none of the strange sugars in processed foods, and I can forget the peanut butter, too.  And maybe I had better relook at which vegetables are really scary for me...and all ice cream products are definitely off the table.

I know everyone has something but this something sure keeps me homebound...luckily I like my home, even if I do get lonely...

I watched the movie "The Way" with Martin Sheen and Emelio Estevez--"El Camino de Santiago" A Pilgrimage hike, reminded me of John, dying so young, hiking across the country, it was dedicated to their Grandfather.

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