Friday, April 17, 2015

Catching Up

I am huffing and puffing, I just went over to my neighbors fenced in yard and lifted Sadie out again.  I do not know how she is getting in but she acts like she can't get out, so I will have to put her on her leash.  I can't trust her.  I can hardly carry her, she is heavy.  Here she is doing her favorite thing, finding a sunny place to sit and peruse her little kingdom.

This is probably the first time since I started blogging that I have gotten so far behind in my writing.  Since I came back in late January I have been very busy cleaning up.  We had a huge wind storm and probably every inch of the yard was filled with broken branches, twigs and needles. 
Amazingly I was able to rake it all in piles but I had to call on Clark, the snowblower man, to put all the piles into his truck and haul them away.  It took him all day and two truck loads.  He came back another day and hauled away the big Sony TV I bought in 1997 when I was living at James' home.  It died shortly after I returned.  He also hauled away Mike's old TV that was in my bedroom.  I am keeping up the yard by doing just a little bit each day.  It is in great shape now.  I still have a lot of the branches I saved for cutting.  I need Matt to bring his chainsaw someday.  But amazingly everything is being kept up by me.

I replaced Mike's TV with a Samsung HD--only $200--in December.  Then I had to replace the Sony.  I took my time but had to order a stand and got a corner wooden one from Wayfair and then I eventually bought  a 46 inch from Walmart.  It looks good and I do enjoy the HD!!!

Then I got very interested in doing the new Family Search and was having so much trouble with the laptop I bought in 2009 I decided not to put any more money in it.  Instead I bought a desktop from Walmart.  I replaced the mouse and keyboard with Logitech and am very happy with the whole arrangement.
It has been a huge investment of time and brains though transferring data from one computer to the other.  I am still not finished.  I had upgraded my Microsoft Office and have been loving that.  It costs a lot of money with printer cartridges, updated equipment, etc but I am organized to where I think I can finish my projects.
The first project I did was to do a Mother's Day Remembrance for my Mom.  I did put it in plastic covers but the recipients will have to get their own notebooks to put it in if they want.  Here is my little office.  I try to keep it neat but it soon fills with all the different books, pictures, and files I am using until I can organize it again.

The last big purchase I did was to replace my mattress of 40+ years.  Thanks to a generous gift I was able to do this and pay off the other things I purchased besides.  It has been a very expensive year with the trees being felled and needing a new garage door and important things giving up and dying.  Hopefully this is the end of needing things.

I have been having such a restless time trying to sleep and I guess an advertisement made me think that my mattress could be a lot of the problem.  I first called Niagara as our bed is an adjustable bed from Niagara.  We bought it in the 70's when I was having so much problem with my back.  We bought it at the Del Mar Fair.  It was always a great place for us to listen to the pitch and take whatever great deal they were offering.  Anyway it has been a great bed but...anyway to have just one of the mattresses replaced would cost over $1000 from them.  I called Zaegles in Susanville and they have "adjustable friendly" mattresses.  The interesting thing is I replaced the two twins with one King and I love it.  The adjustable does work though I wish I had the metal restraints to hold the bottom of the mattress from slipping.  Who knows when I lost those. 

The first day Sadie and I napped for 1 1/2 hours and I did not move at all, it was so comfortable.  I have been sleeping wonderfully each night and today I napped for 3 hours as well!!! 
So hopefully I do not have to buy any other "biggies" and will be totally out of debt by the end of the year,  I hope.  I am not traveling, etc so should be able to do it.

My biggest problems at this time of my life is my mind not always being able to remember procedures I use in my projects and then I get so frustrated and stressed.  Also my body not being able to do the things I want to without so much fatigue or I just do not have the strength.  And not being able to eat anything and everything without paying the consequences!!  Old age is not fun.

But at least at the moment everything is "caught up" and Mary Anne and I are going to a movie tomorrow--so all is well.  Strangely, up here it is cheaper to go to the movies than to rent one from your Satellite company.

Now that my life is "caught up" I will be able to go back and finish blogging my birthday week events and catch up on the grand and great grands...

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