Friday, June 12, 2015

Camber's Birthday

Camber's birthday today.  I have no idea how old she is but she will be forever young I believe.  So beautiful.  James will turn 49 on the 27th!!!  Wow, how can that be, time is going faster and faster, for me anyway.

Camber and James were coming up this weekend, now they say it will be next weekend!!

I always appreciate that Camber sends me pictures of the children and keeps me posted as to what is happening in their lives and tries to get them to talk to me occasionally.  She has always been good at that.   With all the driving she has to do for them she leads a very busy life.  She is so good at talking to their teachers and coaches and making sure all her kids are fully involved.  What a great Mom...and what a  big job in today's world!!  Thanks Camber...

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