Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh, No, Not the Washer!!!

So as soon as the Hardys leave I start washing and what?, water on the floor, all around the washer and dryer?

After draining the tub and hanging very wet towels on Sadie's runline (it is hot and they will dry fast) I start cleaning out all the stuff on each side of the appliances and then clean everything in there.

Through detective work I determine the washer is leaking from the tub and not the hose and make the executive decision it is better to replace the 16 year old machine than pay $200 for repair especially when I see Sears has a 40% off the machine my size and it is only $299!!

Negotiations on line and a good deal is made but cannot install till July 9th--yes they gave me more off to quit trying to get it sooner and be happy.  Yea, washer for two weeks!!!!

It's always something, can't life ever just coast along without something going wrong? I didn't send my brother Dave (who I called yesterday and wished a happy birthday) or James, whose birthday is tomorrow or Linda, whose birthday is Sunday birthday cards.  What is happening to me???  Where is my mind???  What ekse have I forgotten to do?

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