Saturday, June 06, 2015

Me and My Books

It has been a very productive week--I got rid of my last three scrapbooks.

The first was the scrapbook of cards received after the death of Richard.  Instead of a scrapbook I put them into one of my collaged boxes.  Easier to save, easier to use.  I really enjoyed reading all the cards again.  His dear Aunt Zella, who claims to have a memory problem, had sent four.  But each one had such good information about family, encouragement and inspiration.  Most of us have difficulty writing one condolence letter and she writes four different ones!  Anyway this was an enjoyable task.

The second scrapbook I scrapped was my Guam book.  It was so hard to handle and was falling apart. I reput all the pix, articles and cards in one of my other SBA memory books.  Here again I really enjoyed living through the many experiences I had there. I was in such great health then, walking at least an hour every day and able to handle the heavy workload.  It was also a fun time of enjoying friendships with several SBA friends.

The last book was "Best of Scandinavia" scrapbook which was falling apart as well.  I was able to transfer everything to one of my larger notebooks.  That was such a fabulous trip and I am so glad I kept good notes and have all that information with pictures in there.  Very educational too as I had printed off many articles about Sweden and where my relatives lived before I went on the trip.

I know some people could think I was crazy with all my Memory Books and what is anyone going to do with them when I die.  But the point is, they are for me, now, and I really enjoy reliving a lot of wonderful events and trips and relationships as I go through my books.  It is very lonely living alone but I am not going to change that as in many ways it is a good thing.  Especially I can have the music as loud as I want!!! Ha.

What is left to finish?  The years from 1981 to 2005.  When that is done I hope to be able to throw away most of what is in my 10 four inch notebooks!!!!!!  I will then organize the left over pictures a little better with labels of who they belong to...Then I will be done with documenting my life.  I won't even count the books right now.  There are waaaay too many.

There is such interesting drama going on with the birds and their bird house.  Yesterday I saw the daddy bird swoop down and nitpick at a small critter who was drinking the water.  There were two small critters (smaller than squirrels and can't remember their name) around yesterday and she surely watched them and finally just chased them away. 

Today the mama bird made about three attempts to get a large feather in the bird house hole.  She would swoop around and aim for the door till finally it appeared it was in but was it?  Next thing the daddy bird swooped over and went in the house as she was already out and then I saw the feather fall to the ground and they were both out.  I listened to something on my phone and walked away for about 10 minutes and then walked out to look at the feather and lo it was gone.  They must have gotten it in there.  Wonder what it was for, warmth for the babies??? 

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