Friday, June 05, 2015

Lots of Rain and Other Good Stuff

We have had these afternoon rainstorms which makes everything just beautiful.  The thunder was so booming two days ago though that the clock fell off the wall and straight down and pushed the plug out of the TV.  We even had a lot of lightening and hail.  What is going on?
Two of these for $19 and change, can't beat that deal.  They replace the IKEA rag rugs I have had for years at the back door, etc.  I put one at the front door, too, hope to filter the dirt and sand a little.
Here I was worried about the deer eating my columbine and then I break the whole thing with my hose...but it makes a lovely inside flower, just feel so badly as it looked so beautiful outside.
The saga of the bird house goes on.  Momma and Papa bird are sitting in the left upper corner on Sadie's "run line".  Momma was inside for quite awhile but now they each go in and out and generally stay watch.  I can't hear anything in the birdhouse and I thought they had left for good when I did not see them for a couple days.  They chatter a lot and yesterday a third bird showed up and the Papa chased it away.  It was a grey color like the Momma so I figured it was an extra lady after the Papa, hmmm???  Supposedly  a bird sits on the nest for 14 days and then the birds mature for 14 days before leaving the nest, but they are surely quiet, if they are in there...wait and see.  Maybe it is just a summer love nest for the two and nothing more???
So I have been on the Special Carbohydrate Diet for about six weeks and I have to tell you, it is working!!!  I feel great--no grains, milk, ice cream, starchy carbs, sugar etc, but it is not hard at all.  Love the casseroles which substitute veggies for pasta and love the date or raison loaf and blueberry muffins and made a delicious banana yogurt in the ice cream machine.  I truly have more energy and have been so productive.  I just move from one project to the other and no depression...must be eliminating all those different kinds of sugar.  And no cravings, that is the best part!!!
I was worried for awhile when I was still having diarrhea, less but looser and I could not figure out what it was.  Then I researched and found magnesium supplements can cause it.  And lo and behold I found out when I had bought a new bottle it was a higher dose to be taken once a day and I was still taking it three times a day, no wonder I was having problems--Stop taking it and diarrhea gone!!!

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