Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rain, Birds, Pills and Family History

It has continued to rain almost every afternoon!!!  I must say I like it. I haven't had to water for over a week.  And everything looks so clean.

The bird drama goes on, though I wondered if a couple of the little birds have left the nest already.  I saw one little bird sitting on the run line and the father bird was taking short bursts of flight upward, fluttering his wings a lot as if trying to show the bird how to fly away, I wonder?  Meanwhile I am wondering if that other female I saw was really one of their little birds and he was shooshing it to fly away??.  Both of those birds sat on the wire a little differently than the parents.  They held their head down more as if unsure of themselves.  They are tree swallows definitely.  I described them to Karen and she said that is what they are and I looked it up and sure enough, she is right.  You would think I had nothing more important to do.

I have stopped taking all supplements and only take one prescription.  I am thinking like Mitch that all those things are not good for my system.  Just use healthy foods.  I am also walking more and not feeling any pain, just harder to walk uphill.  Sadie loves the extra walking.  It is so funny how she listens for the dog across the back yard or watches the house for him to come out.  She then races over and is gone for awhile.  When they go in the house, she comes back home.

I am enjoying the yogurt frozen desserts I am making so much I decided I need to start making my own yogurt.  The dessert is only a fruit, yogurt and a dash of honey to sweeten and then made in the ice cream maker.  I put them in little 1/2 cup plastic cups and then in a freezer bag so I can have a half cup anytime.  It works well.  So far I have made banana, peach, and "Cherry Garcia" imitation with real cherries!!!

Some lady who is a descendant of Grandfather Martin's sister Alfreda has been paying a genealogist in Sweden.  She has extended his line a lot!!!  Cathie and I have been communicating and she has extended certain names for me to do.  Linda prints them off and hands them off to the Hardys and herself.  It is working well and makes the Temple work more meaningful.  The system is working very well though I continually need to learn more about Family Search.  I got Erica's family all straightened out and I am happy about that. Linda will do the work for Dora!

Steven has been putting audios on Family Search and I was listening to part of Stan's funeral.  He was certainly well loved and did have an amazing sense of humor.  Steve has also put Mom's funeral in there, too, and that is enjoyable to hear the stories about her.  I wish more people in the family had time to investigate Family Search and become involved.  It is very interesting and enjoyable and the best system they have had.  You can communicate with others and reserve names etc all within the system so it is very fast,  And when the baptisms are done the dates show up on the same day!!!  I spoke about it in Church Sunday and two men came up after and wanted to talk about it.  It does take a little reading to understand!

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