Sunday, June 14, 2015

Father of the Year

Here the Daddy bird is relieving the Mom for a bit but usually he sits on the runline all day watching for birds to chase away or critters to nip at until they leave.  He is so dedicated, what a great job he does.  He should get the Father of the Year Award!!!!

A minute ago I saw a big deer staring at me outside my window.  I yelled at him and Sadie, who was napping, instantly is on alert and runs with me to the patio door.  She immediately chases him (or her) away.

There are a couple of lilies almost ready to bloom and they are a delicacy for the deer.  I hope they don't get chomped when I am not looking, usually it happens in the early morning hours before I am even awake.  Of course, they usually wait until they are fully in bloom!!

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