Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Triplets and then Twins

I forgot to tell the story about Carl Jonsson!!  We could not find his parents but Cathie's genealogist did.

He was four years old when his mother had triplets.  She died a month later and one by one the triplets died, November, December, January. Very sad.  But it is interesting to know we have had twins and triplets in the family, so it is possible.   You can just imagine how hard it must have been for a midwife to deal with that back in 1818.  (We can also see that bald heads are popular in the family.  Chris F says his brother Dave has hair just like this!!)

Carl's father (my g, g, g grandfather Anders Longvist Jonasson) must have been the prolific one.  His wife dies from the triplet birth November 27, 1818.  The following June he marries a second wife (who he must have impregnated soon after his wife died) and the second wife had twins August 27, 1819 (who both died also).   This was often the case in Sweden.  They married after they had children or at least not until they knew they were pregnant.  Carl's parents had another child (who lived) a few years later so Carl was not an only child.  Oh, the stories that can be told from looking at the records.

In fact, I have heard that the marriageable daughter would often have her bed on the extended porch of the house so she could get pregnant and snag a husband.

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