Saturday, August 18, 2012

Actual Waves Today

We had much needed rain this morning so we could see blue sky and the sun.  When I went to the beach at 1:15 the only ones there were two young lifeguards and one was laying there with his eyes closed.  The other was yelling to him to sit up when he saw me setting up my chair.  I asked them if something was wrong with the water since no one was there.

"No, it's fine", one of them said.  "Just a little cooler from the rain."  Actually it wasn't much cooler but it was much cleaner than yesterday.  And then the breeze came up and there was acdtually little ripples or waves on the water.  I have never seen that and thought we were in for a storm.  I thought I better leave when the lifeguards did, in case something happened.

When we swam in Glendive and a little storm would begin, they would tell everyone to get out of the pool.  You had to wait and see if it was going to be a lightening storm.  If it passed over, we could get back in.  Actually the wind calmed and I was able to spend a little time tanning my legs.  First time I have had a tan in oh so many years.

Anyway it was another pleasant day of  dog paddling with my noodle.

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