Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

We have had so much smoke from two fires near here that we rarely see the sun. For the most part the windows are closed and Michael is ready for winter to come!!!

Actually I have been enjoying "noodling" at the lake. I go down about 1 pm and because of the smoke there has been few people at the beach but when you are "noodling" in the water the smoke does not bother you at all. Since my thighs are hurting when I walk too much I find the exercise in the water is wonderful. The water feels like silk and is so warm--why haven't I been doing this every summer??? I am feeling great.

Money has been very tight for both Michael and I and that always depresses me but a few days ago I was reading about real poverty in Bangladesh and I felt ashamed as I considered how blessed we are in America. The interesting thing in the article as it talked about how anti-poverty programs of providing an asset and microfinancing have been used is that they discovered that there was much more success if they also provided a mentor to meet with them each week. This mentor would help them to have self-confidence in their enterprise and gave them HOPE!!! Without that HOPE the dream of a happy life eluded them. They also pointed out that it wasn't enough just to cheer the people up, they needed to provide them with purposefulness. A belief in a better future correlates with better performance, more money and improved health.

This is what we all need in life, a purpose, a feeling of hope and a sense of achievement. I am back to work on my San Diego book. I know it is really not needed by anyone else and may not even be read by anyone else but for me I want to complete it and then do my tie in book to my Lake Almanor books and I will feel like I have finished what I set out to do so many years ago when I started my journal. Will I include my negative experiences as well as positive--probably with wisdom from hindsight I hope.

I have a friend who is on a Spiritual Journey--trying to raise himself above just "positive thinking" into a higher relationship with God (metaphysics) and putting aside our earthly faults and being a better person. It is good to hear about--as for me I am still trying to put the positive thinking into my life and free myself from the suspicious skeptic I have a tendency to be. I think I was born a "Doubting Thomas" as I have always been a little bit wary of everything and everyone around me.

We had a very friendly meal after church on Sunday. Ron and Maryanne had prepared pulled pork and the rest of us provided salads and dessert. Many lingered as we talked and talked.

James and family are settled into their Del Mar place and feeling very good about things so hopefully he can pull it all together.

New fave in my life this week is warmed fresh blueberries on my yogurt each morning--love those blueberries. I have also revived the salad Mom made for us of cabbage, pineapple, and marshmallows with mayo and cream dressing. It tastes so good to me. There were several cabbageslaws at the church on Sunday that tasted good also.

Yesterday I realized how much interest Walmart charges--I should never be charging my food there. Michael says we don't need to buy anything but he asked me to make a big batch of chili and it does taste so good. We always need provisions for chili and milk so I am off to Susanville to make a visit to Golden and deposit some money and buy a little food anyway and I am sure I will visit Margie's Book Store and peruse the used books. Life is Good.

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