Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Memphis Belle

I just watched one of the best films to come out about WWII, the supposed true story of the "Memphis Belle" bomber plane which flew 25 missions and came in on a wing and a prayer on the last mission.  It was really exciting and made you realize the many problems of those old WWII planes.  Richard's brother Scott flew them.

This was probably the first movie Harry Connick, Jr sang in and I really liked the way he sang "Danny Boy".

Two days ago I watched "The Longest Day"--the story of D Day.  The landing on the beach was certainly a lot more tame and probably less realistic than that shown in "Saving Private Ryan".

Michael has been the chef the last two days and we have been watching "The Man in the Back Booth" on his computer while we ate.  It is last season's episodes and new season starts next week.  It is a series just shown on computer and very compelling.  I completely cleaned out and reorganized the garage today and found some room for Mike's stuff on the shelves.  Looks good and we changed the parking back to the way it was before!!!

Oh, yes, Michael's dessert that he shared "Boston Coolers" which is vanilla ice cream in Ginger Ale--actually very refreshing!

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