Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Keira and Meagan at Lake Almanor

Keira and Meagan flew to Reno on Sunday and  by Sunday night we were playing on the slides and dancing to the Jazz band at the Bandshell.  Hopefully Meagan has a lot more pictures than I do.

Meagan and Keira have been at the lake everyday and Keira is happiest when there are other children to play with.  She has had one swimming lesson and appears to have no fear.

 The noodle is used for the children to hold on to while they kick.  The lady next to us on the beach told me I could ride on it and it would actually hold me.  Her son and I rode our noodles out to the deck and amazingly it does work.  You can get exercise with your legs and arms without all the work of swimming.  Keira has another lesson tomorrow.  Hope I get some more pictures.

It has been so fun to have them here.  We have also been to town and bought books and had frosties, Keira has walked Bandido, we had pizza at Buffalo Chips and played on the slide in Clear Creek and walked on the old bridge.  Keira has helped with tending Bandido and do the watering.  I just haven't gotten enough pictures!!!

The lake is so clean and warm, glad I finally got in it this year!

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