Friday, August 17, 2012

Only Lady in the Lake

This water therapy at the lake is so good for me.  Today you could acttually see some blue sky for awhile but there was only a few people there.   By the time I left at two the smoke was worse and I did see some ash on the west end of the lake.  I find if I go back and forth the long way it actually takes about a half hour.  The swimming lake is really large this year and the water was so warm today.  It certainly lifts my spirits and I have felt the sore muscles so I must be doing something worthwhile.

I found an actually web site for doing water exercises with the noodle and this is how it described what I do.


In the deep water, you can sit on your noodle with one end in front of your body, and the other behind, and pedal your legs as if riding a bicycle. This position can also be used to challenge the arms by using a breast stroke to pull you through the water and allowing the legs to hang. Another use for this straddle position is to move your legs in a scissor motion, as if cross country skiing.

Exactly what I do.  I heard a little girl ask her Dad at the lake,  "Is that lady floating?" 

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