Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Power Outages

Just as Michael was ready to warm up some chili, the power went out.  We scraped our monies together and bought him a Subway as I had to go into town to buy some envelopes anyway.  Doug Thayne has sent a copy of the Trust being drawn up for the cabin and asked if I would email it to Marilyn and Mary.  Unfortunately, they do not have email and I am totally out of envelopes.

When we returned the power was back on soon.  I was able to listen to a powerful talk given by Mitt Romney--with just a few notes in front of him--not a teleprompter.  This is a very interesting campaign as some of us cannot understand how anyone can have confidence in Obama and his cronies and the liberals feel the same way about Mitt.  Very interesting indeed.  I hate to get into politics on Facebook but it is getting harder and harder to not respond or not to share.  I would rather people kept Facebook more warm and fuzzy.

Last week I found my CD folder and so I have been listening to some of my favorites as I travel up and down to Susanville.  It is so funny that each song reminds me of a certain time and place or a certain person.  As one of my friends recently said it is such a blessing to have happy memories imprinted in our brains.  Certain songs can bring back a photographic memory of a scene in my mind and evoke laughter or nostalgia.  Randy in Guam was such a fun person in my life.  We shared a lot of personal information, he was the most sensitive man I have ever known, but he was not Gay.  He could also make me laugh even though we disagreed on so many things.  As I listened to one song today I remember him stomping in the parking lot and saying, "OK, that's it, the wedding is off!"  He was 23 years younger than me so it was just a funny joke, but so unexpected, he was like an actor performing for an audience he knew would appreciate his humor.  One day in Texas he got called on the carpet for sexual harassment because he was teasing us ladies with his buck teeth inserts.  So ridiculous.  If you couldn't laugh once in awhile those long days of tedious work would really get to you.  One day Julie had three of us laughing so hard we couldn't stop.  She had shared that last night her husband had said, "Why does it take me all night to do once what I used to do all night long?"  The guys wanted to know why we were laughing, we did not share that.

Another funny memory that came to my  mind from a song today was one Myrna shared with me.  In high school she had a boyfriend named Donny.  He went to the Army and she stayed home and because he was not ready for marriage and she was not going to college, she ended up marrying one of the oil men she was employed by.  Years later after she had left her husband because he was an alcoholic and she was in her 50's and had just gotten a new job near where her daughter lived in California, who should come up to the copy machine and say "Is that Myrna Graves?" but her old boyfriend Donny.  Small world, working for the same company.  No, they did not get back together.  He was married and died too young.  She ended up marrying one of her bosses again--it was good, but too short.  Why do all the good men die young????

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