Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maryanne Turns 60!

Saturday night I was privileged to be invited to the surprise birthday party for Maryanne, our Relief Society President.  Her son had planned this party and had flown all the way from Arizona to pull it off.  He had invited her siblings and spouses who live in Chico, Paradise and Chester--there are four of them here.
He had also invited a several friends from the Branch.  SHE WAS VERY MUCH SURPRISED!
The birthday cake that her sister brought from Raley's had her picture on it!!  I have never seen any like this.  It was very well done!
The food and service was excellent.   We were at the Red Onion which has moved from Chester out to the Peninsula--so not far from my home. I   personally had  the Salmon and Garlic Mashed Potatoes and it was delicious and I had enough to take home for another meal. 
It was fun chatting with everyone and I am very impressed with Maryanne's son Chris.  He is 41 but looks much younger but a very impressive man.  He is in charge of  Golf Tournaments and a whole lot more.  He has lived in Florida, Mexico and now Arizona.

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