Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today was the first day the lake was really littered with ash and embers--largest about 2".  So dirty, I hope no one got it in their mouth.  There were about five or six boys with their Dad's today.

Strange this morning their was about a dozen birds in my yard at the same time.  Some drinking water, some running up the trees, some digging in the dirt and a couple big ones digging between the river rocks.  There were about four different kind.  I wondered if they had been dislocated because of the fires??  A deer was just here trying to get water, too.  This smoke cannot be good for them. 

Michael was complaining about some bird making strange sounds this morning and there was a big black one running around the side of the lake doing the same thing.  Complaining about the ash or what??

Right now there are eery golden spots shining on the ground as the sun tries to shine through
the smoke.  Wow, that was a big ember coming down.  Michael better get on the roof!

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