Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A New Joy In My Life

I am so happy when something really pleases me and the 6" Kindle Paperwhite does please me.  One reason I have been able to get so much work done is that I know I can stop and rest and read from one of my good books on the Kindle whenever I am tired.  I have read at least four in the past week.

Why do I like it so much?

  1. It is small and light.  It is so hard to hold a book when you read in bed, so hard to turn the pages and to get enough light on it.  Now the kindle is easy to hold, no turning pages. love it.
  2. There is always enough light, even in the dark!!!  No more looking for good lighting when I am visiting my children or reading in bed or strange places, love it.
  3. I can download in an instant from my Wifi or Computer, love it.
  4. Amazon keeps tabs on what books I have and what to do with them, love it.
  5. With Library to Go I can have 6 books checked out all the time or have some on Wait List, no more running to the library, love it.
  6. I actually like to read rather than Audio, of course I can still do audio with my computer, but I prefer to read, because I read so much faster and don't fall asleep midstream, love it.
  7. Amazon has free books and special deals so I can even get books besides my Library to Go, love it.  The deal today was Eric Fromm's "The Art of Loving" for $1.99.
  8. When my eyes are tired I can increase the size of the letters,. love it.
  9. I just tap on which ever book I want to read at the moment and it goes to the right page!
While I am on it, I think Amazon is an amazing company.  I love doing business with them and they seem to have their hands in everything.  Now the owner buys the Washington Post for 250 million, what is he going to do with it?  Something very techy I am thinking.  Besides my Kindle manager they also send me my Pamela's Bread Mix every three months and they sent me an Aeblskiver pan for practically nothing and I love their Instant Videos--how come some people are so smart and the rest of us are just consumers.

Yes, I quit Facebook, so commercial now, but I love Amazon, they are actually doing things to make my life better and making it so easy to do them.  It is all commercial, but it is my choice what I choose, love it.

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