Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another ABBA Day

I finished reading "Bright Lights, Dark Shadows"--all about Abba.  It was very long, but very interesting.  There is a lot more to making music than we can all imagine.  After reading the book I had to watch the movie "Mama Mia!"   I had forgotten how fun it was and knowing a little bit more about what some of the songs were about and what inspired the writing made it even more so.

Then I find out they opened "Abba-The Museum" on May 13 of this year.  The website is very fun, especially the Karaoke of all their songs!  I will never get to Stockholm again to see the museum but there is a real feel for it on the website.

It is amazing to think that they were only actively performing for 10 years and that was over 33 years ago and yet they expect this museum to draw millions of people a year and I am sure it will.  Abba is considered the 4th most popular (sell of records) in the world--The others are Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and the Beatles I think.

Oh, well--now on to the "The Emigrants" and listening to more of  'Kristina'.

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