Saturday, August 31, 2013

Where Are All the Good Men?

"The Helen Morgan Story" was a favorite of mine.  I just watched the  movie version with Ann Blythe and Paul Newman last week, however, the TV version with Polly Bergen was my favorite.

Helen Morgan was a fantastic blues and pop singer who was exploited by men and she became an alcoholic.  Old story as it happens so often.

The article in Meridian Magazine reminded me of it.  The article was specifically asking where all the men were in the life of Miley Cyrus who should have been giving her good advice and protecting her from her tawdry exhibition this past week. 

The problem is that too often it is the men who are doing the exploiting and the damage,  greed is a very dangerous tool used by Satan.

I guess the real question is Where are all the Good men?  Which takes me to the movie "Lydia" where she passed up the good man Joseph Cotton and had undying love for the scoundrel.  Why is that so often the case???  What is attractive about the lying charmer that Paul Newman was in The Helen Morgan Story.  Why do we want to believe those kind of guys?

What made Miley Cyrus think that shocking exhibition sells--because of Madonna, Lady Gaga???  Somehow those ladies always manage to look classy even in their skimpies, why is that? and Miley only looked vulgar??

So many questions, so many choices, I guess the best advice is the WWJD question, that usually settles any quandary fairly fast.

I thought it was interesting that the lady miz are having so many people want them to come and give them a message.  There is a lot of people out there hurting and seeking answers...these are the last days for sure...

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