Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Choosing Movie Stars to Be Fantasy Characters--Again...

So I think there is much interest in who Hollywood is choosing for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele from the Shades of Grey books.  I can visualize Dakota Johnson in the part but not sure about the guys rumored to be in the running.  It is hard to pick someone to play fantasy parts, I mean who can be so smart, so successful, so talented, so rich, so clever and so handsome and so messed up in the mind--I mean, what 30 year old can play the part????  A lot could play the messed up in the mind I suppose but the other to be so handsome and competent--I am sure I will be as disappointed as I am with the current James Bond... ish.

Anyway the announcements are after Labor Day.  Question is, is the movie just going to cover the first book or all three?  The third book reveals many mysteries and makes the transformation of Christian almost complete.  To me the books illustrate what power a good or bad woman can have over a man.  And the difficulty of having trust and the fantasies of being so wealthy you can have everything and more and yet you still have to figure out how to have good relationships with others and you can't be totally selfish and still be happy.

Most popular books in the world which shows the interest people have in sex, wonder if they found out what they wanted to know?  I am sure men read them for advice on how to treat women but after all, they are not about real life are they, or are they?????

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