Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Roots of the Olive Tree

Finally, finally, I read the book Marjorie's granddaughter wrote "The Roots of the Olive Tree".  Her name is Courtney Miller Santo and she lives in Tennessee.  I do not want any more books on my shelves so I waited to read it when I got my Kindle.

Wow, she is a great writer.  I could not put it down!!  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  How great to know how to write a good story that everyone would like to read.  I can see why the publishers were so taken with it.  Hope she writes some more.

 She has such insight and ability to express it so well.  It's about five generations of women living together in a town near Sacramento where they raise olive trees that were planted by the father of the oldest woman, who is 110 when the book begins...and it is believable!

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