Monday, August 19, 2013

Just In Time

Good timing, Matt came up this weekend and looked for work to do, as usual.  He put the pad which had just come under my new carpet, could never do that alone.  Then he bought the tools he needed to put the net side bags I had ordered for the back of my Subaru and got those in place and then he changed out the 4 way hose nozzle at the front of the house.  All things I could not do for myself.  He also got new oven lights and put them in and filled up my gas tank.  Busy guy while he was here, he likes to keep busy.

We had a nice barbeque steak dinner Saturday night and then a good Happy Garden lunch on Sunday.  I really appreciated Matt coming all the way up here.  He also gave Bruce a really good bath in the front driveway.  Sadie was so happy to see Bruce and Bruce for the most part let her nuzzle him a lot.

Great weekend with Matt and Bruce.  Thanks you so much, Matt!!!

I finished "Caught" by Harlan Coben.  He writes the most complicated mysteries but they are always enjoyable to listen to, yes that was an audio book.  I also finished two more Nora Roberts books, one a mystery, one a romance and am currently reading "War Brides" who also wrote "Sisterhood" which was a very unusual book.  The author Helen Bryan was a CEO and quit to write, she must have to do a lot of research for her books because they are historical novels.  After reading "House of Mirth" and "Tess of d'Urberville" I was very appreciative of the long way women have come into today's world.  Although in many ways society still messes up people's lives as it did in "House of Mirth".  We are continually having to rise above living our life to please other people and worrying too much about what others think.  Gave me lots to think about, both books with sad endings.

I was interested in the comments about Nora Roberts trilogy about Boonesboro in western Maryland.  Some felt she had just "cut and pasted" from other books so she could write about the businesses her family owns in that little town.  I must admit some of her books have much more depth than others.  I have several classics on my Kindle now so I think I will delve into them next, so much more depth in every one I have read...TV hardly gets turned on anymore though I enjoyed watching "Switched" with Jennifer Anniston which I had never seen.  I also watched some more of the "Joseph Smith Papers" last evening--have really enjoyed them.  So much to read and see and do, so little time....I have now read 8 books since I bought my Kindle about two weeks ago and listened to one on my computer.

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