Friday, August 09, 2013

My Dad

Here is a really nice picture of my Dad that I do not remember seeing before.  I have no idea what all the flowers are for or what date this was taken but I love his big smile which he always had for everyone.  It looks like it could be a Christmas decor, maybe at my brother's house next door.

I have been scanning all the pictures I went to my sister's home in Orem last October to find.  I had made a Book of Remembrance for my Mom and also a photo album and I wanted to scan the originals instead of just the copies which I sent up to the cabin.  Jeanne could not even remember what I was talking about so asked me to fly over and see if I could find them.  They were actually at her son's Steve's house.  Anyway I am almost finished and then I will send them back.  I am so glad I am doing this because the pictures are so much better and I am finding some I did not remember.

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