Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Get Around and Dulce de Leche

This has actually been a busier month than usual for activities.  I had lunch at the 'Burger Depot' with Sue, Jean, and Maryanne and tried the fish and fries (really good).  I went to Reno to the Temple with Jean, Maryanne and Ann and we ate at the Dairy Queen, (Blizzards, yum yum).  Matt and I ate out at 'Happy Garden', (Beef and Peppers, so good). Matt and I had barbequed steaks, with all the trimmings.  Maryanne and I saw the movie "The Butler" which was very enjoyable and ate at Taco Bell--good Taco Supreme.   There was another missionary farewell with food recipes from Argentina.  I made some cookies which I did not like but I liked the filling of Dulce de Leche and I was happy to learn a very easy way for making that.

Last night we had 'Trash Chicken' and 'Tri-tip' at the Goolsbys in Chester.  Neighbors and friends brought side dishes and there was ice cream, cookies and cake for dessert.  It was very enjoyable and delicious food.  It is always interesting the side dishes that other people make, so many good cooks and I am not one of them...

However, I did learn two valuable things this month.  One was how to keep celery crisp and it really works so well.  You put the celery in warm water for five minutes and then in cold water for five minutes and then you shake it well and wrap it in foil and every time you use it, you rewrap the foil tightly around it.

For Dulce de Leche--instead of boiling a can of Sweetened condensed milk in a pot of water, pour it into a pie plate.  Then sprinkle salt on it and wrap it tightly in foil.  Put the pie pan in a roaster pan and fill the pan so it goes half way up the pie pan.  The oven has already been preheated to 425 degrees.  After an hour, carefully unwrap the pie plate and stir the mixture for a minute.  Then rewrap and put it back.  Pour more water in the roaster pan to get it up to half way again.  Check it in an hour and put in more water if need be.  It will burn if you do not keep it filled up with the water.  In another half hour, take it out and whip the mixture for three minutes.

At this time it is a perfect texture for dipping your apples in or putting it on ice cream.  Put it in the fridge (covered) and it becomes a wonderful caramel dessert which is delicious with a dob of whipped cream or eat it straight from the container a little at a time--delicious.

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