Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update on the Hardy Family

Camber just sent me this pix to update the Hardys.  Darling Pix.

 Last night James sent me a movie of Lea as a cheerleader!!  8th grade and a cheerleader, so cute.  And Jacob is in high school and a lineman on the Torrey Pines Junior Varsity and even Kelsi, who is in 2nd grade, was a cheerleader, as she has been going to Cheerleading Camp, and Jimmy is already in 6th grade and also playing football!!  Yikes, where have all the years gone.

I have so many memories of taking care of babies and toddlers and now they are all "slipping through our fingers" and moving on...Jacob has really developed muscles, must be all that surfing!!

Oh course, I still have very negative feelings about teens and younger playing football, too many head injuries.  Supposedly football rules have changed so no more leading with the head and it is supposed to make it safer.  However, 4500 former NFL were just paid millions of dollars due to head injuries and thousands of head injuries to high school footballers are reported every year.  Is it really going to be safer because of a new rule about tackling?  We shall see.  I hope they are aggressive about dropping those yellow flags if anyone does do the head butting.  It might change the game.

Another doctor just came on TV this morning and said when young people come to him, he tells them to choose another sport rather than football.  I guess I was ahead of my time.  I did not let my boys play Pop Warner--did they suffer because of it??  

Unfortunately NFL is my favorite sport to watch--now isn't that hypocritical????  And of course, we adored our football players in high school...  

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