Wednesday, September 05, 2012


The last two days I have been decluttering my house and I ache all over!!!  But I feel good because decluttering looks so good!  I threw away that old tree behind the TV and put my sailing pix from Michael's room and it looks so much lighter--I also took the large end table and light away (in the garage) and got rid of some of the pix and books that were on tables.  I also wrapped the doll house in plastic and put in the garage, that really made in lighter in there.
I removed the black shelves from the corner and put all my photo and scrap books on the bottom shelf in my bedroom.  I am so glad to find a permanent place for them!!!  I also removed the large BY picture and replaced it with one of John's and took the red hearts away after all these years and oh, yes, I took all the ivy off the walls.  Much cleaner. lighter look.
i put away the wedding pix and put the cabin there and removed the big desert pix and put the other sailing pix.  Notice less books and things on the center table, too.  I also removed the little wall plaques from over  both doors.
In my bedroom I took some of the pix down and trivia from the bedside tables.  I like it clean and neat.  I also saw in the Costco catalog one of those ipod docks--I should replace my big cd and ipod player with that--when I move maybe,  I also removed a lot of books to make room for my photo albums and scrap books.
My lesson manuals and scripture notebooks I put in my file drawers in the garage.  I still need to throw alot of the files in there away and need a shredder to get rid of all tax papers.  So I have lots of work to do in the garage but can take time to do that.
I am tired!  And Michael was not here so I was carrying a lot of things down the stairs--my feet hurt,  Anyway I an excited about taking a lot of books and things to the Thrift Store.

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