Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tragedy and Unexpected Plus

Bandido has been missing for almost 20 hours now.  Yesterday he got his hair cut and there was a lot of hair to cut off.  Plus she cut him shorter than I asked, something to do with all the sores on his body.  I wonder if he is in a lot of pain?  The only time he yelps is sometimes when I pick him up, not exactly sure what is bothering him.  She also changed his whole personality by cutting off most of his face hair and clipping his hair in triangles like a fox terrier.  I put him on his run leash and when I went to bring him in about 45 minutes later his collar was on the leash but no Bandido!!  I suppose he could have just slipped out with his hair so short, but why would he?  The leash wasn't caught on anything.  He usually just walks round and round until I come to get him.  My neighbor said there has been a wolf in the area but there was certainly no evidence of an attack of any kind.  My sister said maybe he was embarrassed how he looked.  Very strange.

After calling the Gate and they said they would look for him in their van, I walked the neighborhood and all walkers I asked to let me know if they saw him.  Without his collar no one can call me but people usually call the Gate if they find a lost dog.  Yesterday they said they had four calls about dogs--lost or found I am not sure.  I later drove all along my streets as well as on Peninsula.

Of course, there are so many empty houses this time of year that he could be anywhere and not necessarily seen, especially if he curls up under a deck.    If I am not called by tomorrow, I will have to think the worst.  The strange thing is that I have expected his death for so long that it is almost anticlimatic.  He has not been his normal self for a long, long time.  He can't see, hear, smell and so he usually just sleeps or stands waiting for something or walks in circles.  How could he have disappeared so fast when he walks so slow and why would no one have seen him.  It is very strange.

So far I have called two of my sisters from my Gmail.  The great plus is that we can all hear better than we can on a regular or cellular phone!!!  You are free of having the phone to your ear for one thing and then you can actually hear better!!  On Both Ends.  That is amazing.

Carole is going to open a Gmail account--then we can talk by video chat.  I hope they keep this free service for a long time. 

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