Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Again!

Bandido is happily sleeping in his little habitat.  He was shaking so much when I picked him up and looked so pathetic.  On the way home he was so restless and cried out at least three times.  I would stop and let him walk around a little.  Not sure what was his problem.  Just so much uncertainty in the last few days I assume.

There is still controversy over why Animal Control was called but obviously there has been a policy change about dogs.  The lady told Animal Control she called the Gate first.  The Gate said she did not?  Who knows? I talked to the lady at the Gate and she said the new manager will not let them go pick up dogs and they do not have a place to keep them anymore.  For years it worked well to call the Gate and leave your description of your dog, name and phone number and then when someone called that they had found a dog they would get you together. 

Not as friendly a place for dogs as it once was.  I remember when Bandido ran away just as I was leaving for the airport.  He was young and chasing a deer and would not come back and I could not wait.  I told them at the Gate and they went to get him and then called Maria to come and pick him up.   And last time even, the man down by the lake called and I went to pick him up.  No middle men.  No costs.  No fright for the dog.

Bandido can never be alone again outside at all.  I wonder what kind of inspection Chester Veterinary did on him for $41.  Tomorrow I will call and try and find out.

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